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Show Up, Set the Tone, and Rock Your Virtual Presence & Meetings

Your presence IS your impact in person or remotely. Show up with an authentic leadership presence AND a plan to create the most powerful and connected meetings possible.

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Get Clear. 

Your presence is your impact. And it starts way before the meeting. The way you think, who's there, your agenda, the way you set up your environment, your communication before hand, asking for help, and giving people a heads up where needed -- this all has impact before you even walk in the door or get on screen.

Create Space.

You'll set the tone and the container for your meeting before you're even together. Then you're co-create productive and present space through intention clarification, presence work (not woo-woo), agreements for communication practices, addressing "team vibe glitches," and more.

Lead Congruently.

Clear clean presence in intentional space makes for a solid meeting. And this solid meeting starts with YOU first. The way you show up on screen (or in the room), has huge impact. That impact is driven by your intentions, your energy, and your presence. Make sure it's all congruent. 

"I've saved a lot of energy and anxiety in preparing for, leading, and closing my meetings. I did not realize how much I was surviving my meetings versus being in them and actively engaging.

This work is helping me change how I show up in meetings and prepare whether for an interview, a team meeting, or just a networking conversation. There's a lot in here I did not expect. And it's given me much to think about. Thank you!"

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Virtual Presence & Meeting IEP Toolkit 

What meeting GOLD are you leaving on the table? And where are your meetings sucking where they don't need to?

Show up and lead meetings more effectively now.

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